Friday, August 8, 2014

Trail Following

Hey readers! Sorry I haven't been posting recently, I've just been really busy enjoying my last days of summer and finishing my summer assignments because school is about to start for me! Anyways this is just another look I threw together when I did my first shoot with Miko Aquino. One thing that I thought was pretty funny was we took these photos in a park and there were actual families with children walking up and down the trail while we were taking photos. Everyone who walked by just looked at us funny, maybe they thought we were famous? Haha probably not, they probably thought we were just weird. I guess I should expect that when I am taking pictures in the future but I just found it amusing to think about and just thought it would be fun to share. This is another casual look, something I would probably wear to school or even something outdoors-y if it weren't too hot outside. Quick tip: I've been actually getting into wearing bandanas for some odd reason but I really enjoy using them as something to make my outfit look different. In this post I just folded the bandana up into a strip so I could tie it along my forehead.

  • Chambray Button Down- JCPenney
  • Striped Shirt- Cotton On
  • Shorts- Gap
  • Shoes- Toms
  • Backpack: Herschel Supply & Co.
School is starting next week so I am going to be busy, but I will do my best to continue to update my blog when I can. Glad to hear that people are following my blog and check it for new posts daily! Thanks for all the support!

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